Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Batch file[.bat] to invoke testng.xml and run tests | TestNG

Executing tests from a .bat file is familiar or useful while using GRID. There are couple of ways to execute this.

1| Copy any one of the below methods in text file
2| Edit the drive location
3| Save it as yourtext.bat
4| Now, double click on the batch file created.

Note: Its better to execute from cmd prompt before try

Method #1
cd C:\Workspace\projectname
java -cp C:\Workspace\projectname\lib\*;C:\Workspace\projectname\bin org.testng.TestNG testng.xml

Method #2
cd C:\Workspace\projectname
set ProjectPath=C:\Workspace\projectname
echo %ProjectPath%
set classpath=%ProjectPath%\bin;%ProjectPath%\lib\*
echo %classpath%
java org.testng.TestNG %ProjectPath%\testng.xml


  1. which lib folder are you referring to here?
    I am running my selenium script from eclipse and I can't find any lib folder in my workspace project folder.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. could not find or load main class org.testng.Testng

    whats this mean

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  4. My Eclipse script reads data from Excel through DataProvider. Testng.xml works fine when i run it from Eclipse>Run As>TestNG Suite. But if i try to run it from bat file it fails with no error message.

  5. to execute maven project through jenkin what to write in .bat file

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