Monday, 6 January 2014

Selenium IDE | Parameterization

Parameterization allows you to do different sets of  permutation & combination; Even it is possible using Selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE [Parameterization]

1| Open Notepad.
2| Copy & Paste the following text with your keywords.

Username = "admin"
Mysecretpass = "pass"

3| Save it as a .js [javascript] file. e.g., Datasource.js
4| Open Selenium IDE.
5| Click Option > Options...
6| Click on Browse under 'Selenium IDE extensions'
7| Select the .js file created [Datasource.js].
8| Click Ok
9| Restart Selenium IDE

10| Now, Record the script and add the commands highlighted in YELLOW.

11| Run the Test case


  1. Hi , can any one help me.. i want to do testing with combination of different username and password , How should I by using .js file or excel file

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