Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Selenium Builder | Running selenium scripts on Cloud

Selenium Builder is similar to Selenium IDE. It has special credits like running cross-browser tests on Cloud directly from IDE. Exporting selenium scripts in Java/TestNG/Webdriver combination is feasible on Selenium Builder.

1| Create an account on Sauce and obtain the access key
2| Install the Addon, Selenium Builder in Firefox web browser
3| Open the webpage under test
4| Right click on the page > Launch Selenium Builder
5| Click Selenium 1 | Selenium 2
6| Record selenium scripts
7| Go to 'Run' menu
8| Click 'Run on Sauce OnDemand'
9| Enter the Sauce Username and Access Key
10| Choose the Browser and OS combinations for test execution.

11| Log into Sauce and verify the test results.