Monday, 4 February 2013

Configure TestNG with Eclipse

How to set-up TestNG framework with Eclipse ? Here it is...........
This set-up doesn't require any .jar or .exe files.

Steps to Configure TestNG with Eclipse:

1. Click Help –> Install New Software

2. Type “” in the “Work with” edit box and click ‘Add’ button.

3. In the ‘Name’ column we can see “TestNG” –> Select this and click ‘Next’ button

4. Click Next and click on the radio button “I accept the terms of the license agreement”.

5. Click ‘Next’ button

6. Click ‘Finish’

  • This will install the TestNG plug-in for Eclipse
  • After the installation, it will ask for restart of Eclipse.  Then restart the Eclipse.
  • Once the Eclipse is restarted, we can see the TestNG icons & menu items as in the below figures.